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Your Cuban Cigars Questions Answered

You have questions; we’ve got answers. Whether you’re new to the hobby of cigar smoking or have been a fan for some time, you may have a lot of things on your mind that you’d like to know. We’ll provide answers to some of the most common cigar smoker questions below.

Question 1: Why are my cigars wrapped?

You might notice that your small cuban cigars come pre-packaged in a cellophane wrap. This serves a couple of purposes. First, some states require the label on each package. More importantly for the smoker, the individual wrap protects the flavor and the freshness of the cigar.

small cuban cigars

Question 2:  Why are Cuban cigars so special?

Cuban cigars are preferred by most cigar smokers. They’re like a fine wine, and certainly the aroma is special. Cuban cigars are handled with special care, use only the freshest tobaccos and ingredients, and have an extra layer of care that traditional cigars forego. You feel the difference from the moment you light the cigar and the exasperating taste will leave you breathless.

Question 3: How can I age a Cuban cigar?

Keep the cigars in a humidor for the best results. It is also ideal to place the cigars in a box together and keep them at a lower temperature than the rest of the house.  Cuban cigars usually come in a package that makes them ideal for aging.

Question 4: Why do my Cigars have holes in them?

Many cigar smokers who’ve stored their cigars notice they now have tiny holes in them. These holes usually are caused by beetles. Larva left in tobacco can hatch at 72 degrees, which causes problems for many smokers. It is not easy to combat a problem with beetles but one that you must overcome to protect your cigars.