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Agricultural Products That Are Changing The World

Through the years, and in fact, it has been centuries, farmers across the world have always had to bear the brunt of changing weather patterns. And these days, they are having to contend with the (negative) effects of El Nino, global warming and climate change. Shifting weather patterns, as never experienced before, has, to a large extent, had a negative effect on their ability to produce sustainable crops from one season to the next. So, just imagine, if it is challenging for industrial sized farming businesses to stay afloat, just how challenging it must be for the small-scale farmer.

And indeed, it has been. Both in the US and in certain parts of Europe, big farming enterprises have enjoyed the lion’s share of government subsidies, or as one entrepreneurial-minded government leader likes to put it, government handouts or bailouts. Well, the world has more than its fair share of economically-minded presidents and prime ministers these days. And that is not a bad thing. In order for countries to remain healthy, they need to thrive economically. Most of them are not there yet.

And my, how the farmers are struggling. While government bailouts have become necessary as a last resort prior to foreclosure notices being sent out, far more progressive and sustainable alternatives have been developed and are now widely available for purchase by small-scale farmers and pastoralists in the form of organic and biodegradable agricultural supplies for the purposes of crop cultivation and fermentation. While farms have collapsed previously, there has never been a more exciting time for small business entrepreneurs to enter the challenging environment of organic farming.

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One more exciting addition to the agricultural sector is that of aqua-farming, a necessary practice given that the oceans’ stocks are now at all-time historic lows.